Multimedia Works 2013 - 2018

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Sunsets 2018

10 years of sunsets from around the world.

Places Where There Used To Be Birds 2017

These are photographs of locations where the artist watched birds. After observing each individual preen, rest, sing, or hunt, the artist waited for the subject to exit the frame before taking the photograph.

Book Work 2017

These two-dimensional sculptures were sliced, ripped, torn, and otherwise mangled out of discarded books.

Apoptosis 2017

The word "apoptosis" has entered modern usage as a genetics term describing programmed cell death or senescence. It was taken from the Greek word for "falling off", used to describe the dropping of leaves and petals from trees and flowers. However, its medicinal use appears less innovative than its modern-day repurposers thought: texts by Hippocrates and Galen, written over 2000 years ago, refer to the apoptosis of bones and scabs…

Weavings 2016

These weavings are each mosaics of four separate images. Each cell is printed on 4x6" photo paper and installed on a solid substrate.

Windows 2014-2015

In this series, the artist photographed the sky through cracks and openings in natural rock formations.

Lichen 2014

Most lichen are a symbiotic fusion or composite between fungus and algae that often use rocks as a growing surface. These photographs were taken at high elevations in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

Beasts 2013

Beasts is a photographic installation born out of the artist’s attempt to translate between scientific observations and personal experience.

Wonder/Wander 2013

Wonder/Wander is a multimedia installation & museum exhibit that translates biological research into human experience. Designed in collaboration with Priscilla Ahn and David Kim, the 3-room installation was installed in the Rhode Island School of Design's Edna Lawrence Nature Lab.